Friday, June 27, 2008

Sticky Note Nut

I have become a sticky note nut. When we got our new desk, we, of course, needed some supplies to fill it with. I didn't go overboard. We bought a little divider for the pens and stuff in the top drawer, some filing folders, tabbed dividers, and sticky notes. Since then, I have started using them in place of my to-do calendar in my home management journal.

I've also restarted FlyLady and so when I go through my emails, I write on the sticky notes the things I need to do that day. That's fine, except (I don't know if you know this) but I can be a bit messy. That whole idea of putting things away when you are done with them seems to have eluded me. So the top of our pretty new desk is littered with little yellow sticky notes. There's one on the computer with some code written on it (not mine), another with an on going list of future projects (embroidered dish towels and an emergency prep list), directions to a Starbucks on the other side of the city, information about a measles outbreak I received after calling the health department, a couple of doula's names and phone numbers, my Morning, Evening, and Afternoon Routines, indoor activities for Fritter from Brightly Beaming, my Weekly Home Blessing Hour, the dimensions of my face to see exactly what shape it is (I was trying to figure out a haircut), and my to-do's for the past four days, not counting today's.

So on today's to-do:


I'm thinking this counts as a hot-spot.

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