Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bruisee Boy

This morning I checked the temperature and it read below 100 so I thought it was a great opportunity to take a short walk. Just around our area and without the stroller so Fritter could explore a little. We came to a large grassy area, so Fritter decided it would be fun to run across it. Unfortunately, there was also a sidewalk in the middle of this area. Since he's only 19 months old and still rather clumsy, as he was crossing the sidewalk, he fell. Flat on his face. I ran to check him out and right where another bruise had just healed he had a large bump forming. Great. He's still healing from a bruise on his cheek, and now he has a big one on his forehead. He is constantly hurting himself.

Last evening, Fritter chased DH into his room, and right before he caught up with him, he did a face plant. Luckily he wasn't hurt, but we have at least three of these episodes a day. My cute little boy now has bruises on his face. Sigh. Tell me they grow out of this stage. Please.


Michelle said...

My little boy turns three on Monday and he's face is constantly covered with bruises, scrapes and lumps. He has three scars from injuries that required emergency room treatment (one had 2 stitches).

My older boys generally hurt other parts of their bodies (legs and arms) instead of the face, but the head gets hit a LOT, and their short haircuts reveal a number of scars.

My husband has received a number of injuries to his head as an adult - one required emergency room care last summer. It's a guy thing. You'll get used to it, I promise.

Nice hair cut!

Michelle said...

"his face" not "he's face"

Cmerie said...

I hope I do get used to it. A couple of days ago, Fritter and I were walking into the playground area of the park, and he fell on the sidewalk and when I picked him up and brushed him off, I didn't notice any injuries, but he cried like he was hurt. So I told him he was ok and off he went to play. A little while later, I grabbed onto his hand to walk him back to the car, and his hand was a little bloody. He had scraped a part of his knuckle off when he fell. I guess it was a bad mom moment.

Thank you!