Friday, May 2, 2008


Just stopping in to say hello. I feel like I've been neglecting you all lately. I'm still pretty sick, and I haven't been doing a whole lot. Wednesday we had an ultrasound. Our little "Curly" as we are calling this baby right now (Fritter we called Hummer, and our miscarriage we called New until we lost him or her and then we named New Noel) is doing great so far. There was a nice little "whompa whompa" of 172 bpm. This ultrasound was so clear too! We actually saw Curly move! We measured 9 weeks and 1 day, which I think will push my original due date of November 29 more into December. We'll see.

Now I'm going to go take my morning nap. ;-)

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Cheryl said...

I'm glad to hear all is well.