Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Cleaning

Last evening, as I sat on the bathroom floor with my head hovering above the toilet in the classic vomiting pose, I thought to myself, "This toilet really needs a good cleaning." And then I tried to remember the last time I cleaned it. I couldn't remember. Yuck! Housekeeping has taken a backseat to the pregnancy sickness I am experiencing. I was not even this sick with Fritter! And with Noel, my miscarriage, I was only a little sick. So I'm thinking this is a positive thing. And I'm thinking that perhaps we're having a girl. Last night I dreamed we were having twins. Whatever we're having, I'm daring to say that I think things are going well, so far.

Anyway, back to housekeeping. Saturday, my dear husband helped me clean up the house. He also got us a new vacuum! It's a Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet. We don't have any pets, but we might someday. Anyway, it looks like a good vacuum, I haven't used it yet, but he has, and he really likes it.

The toilets, however, did not get touched. So this morning, I took advantage of the hour or so I have in the morning before my sickness sets in and I cleaned the kitchen, started a load of whites, made the bed (for the first time in...a week!), and *gasp!* scrubbed the toilets and bathroom sinks. I feel better now. At least next time I'm stuck on the bathroom floor with my head in the commode, I can think of something else. Like how I can't wait to be around 14 weeks pregnant instead of just 8.

PS - I know I sound whiny, and I have been a little bit, but I really am truly thankful that things seem to be going so well. I am also trying to get into the practice of offering this up for the health of our child.

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Cheryl said...

My bathrooms were all completely spring cleaned 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it's time to do them again.