Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Fritter loves drinking out of straws. Even if what is in his cup and what is in my cup is the same, because my cup has a straw he wants mine.

Tonight after dinner, I was cleaning up the kitchen while my dh filled out some forms. I realized things were a little too quiet for this time of the evening, so I left the kitchen to check on Fritter. I found him standing on the other side of the kitchen table with my BIG cup in both hands while he drank out of the beloved straw. Because the cup had been sitting on top of the table, and the tablecloth was noticeably askew, I assumed that there had to have been some sort of a spill. There should have been, right? Right? There wasn't. Not a drop had been spilt. I don't know how he managed it. He can barely reach the top of the table!

Right afterwards he turned my laundry basket upside-down and began climbing on top of it. He has learned since to move it around to reach things that are up high. He keeps me on my toes, this one.

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