Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Cleaning

We are leaving Wednesday afternoon for Wyoming to visit my father-in-law. As I mentioned before, he is really sick and not doing so well. Did I mention that he is Fritter's only grandfather? We are praying a novena to Blessed Karl which will end on Easter Sunday. If you feel so moved I invite you to join us. The miracle that made him Blessed is a great story that is pretty close to what we are facing right now. I'm not mentioning details to respect my fil's privacy. I'm sure you understand. You can read the article here and the link to the novena is here.

Because we are leaving Wednesday, and traditionally I do my spring cleaning during Holy Week (a great time to offer up all that hard work and prepare ourselves to welcome Christ on Easter), I only have two and a half days to Spring Clean! Instead of neglecting myself and my family in order to get accomplished everything I would normally have a week for, I have decided to focus my efforts on the areas that really need it most.

Our bedroom is probably the most disorganized room in the apartment. Because our computer is in there, and well, because I live in there (I'm so messy!) every spare inch of floor space that is not being used for walking is covered in piles of half-read books, piles of magazines I haven't gotten to yet, paper piles I haven't finished sorting, clothes piles I haven't taken to the donation center get the idea. I'd show you a picture, but it's too embarrassing. So that is my main focus this Holy Week. I have already flipped the mattress and washed the pad and pillows and spread. Dusting, sorting, and throwing away are the next items of business.

I haven't decided the other room I want to concentrate on yet. The kitchen could use some reorganizing, and the fridge needs cleaned. The living room has a couple of hidden areas that contain papers that need sorted. The bathrooms get cleaned every week, but both bathroom cabinet areas are disasters. Hmmm....thanks for helping, the bathroom it is.

I don't plan on packing much until Wednesday. We don't leave for our plane until the late afternoon, and having half-filled suitcases sitting around for any longer than they need to just drives me crazy.

Not sure if I'll get around to posting before I leave, so pray for us to have a safe trip there and back again next Tuesday night, and have a great Easter!

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Cheryl said...

I hope that you have a great Easter too!