Thursday, March 6, 2008

Small Update

Well, I had a fun post written out for you with pictures, but blogger decided it didn't want to upload any of them, so I suppose I'll have to try again later.

I really have many posts waiting in the queue for you, but have been so busy this week, that they may have to wait until next week. Last week my mom visited us, and while I plan on posting about it, I will tell you that it was a good week. A long week, but a good week. She went to mass with us the Sunday after she arrived, and prayed our family rosary with us each night, and with Fritter before bed. Good stuff.

So I have been busy catching up on housework and other things after her visit. This weekend, starting tomorrow evening, I will be going on retreat! I'm very excited about it. This will be my first retreat I've ever been on. It is a silent retreat, and we will be doing the Spiritual Exercises by St. Ignatius. I'm looking forward to it. Things have been a little tough for me lately, and I really, really need this.

I'm a little nervous though, as this will be the first time I've ever left Fritter. He's been going through this...stage. He is very clingy to me, and if I leave the room for even a second to, say go to the restroom, he runs to the door and screams. Yep. So I think my hubby may have his hands full this weekend. Also, he's not entirely better from his RSV yet. He is still waking up nightly coughing, and I've been giving him the breathing treatments. I've made an appointment for him tomorrow morning to make sure everything is still good before I leave. So please keep me and my guys in your prayers this weekend. And all the ladies who will be participating in the retreat.

God bless!


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Praying that you'll have an enriching retreat and that you'll find your guys in tip top shape when you return. God bless!

Cmerie said...

Thank you so much Lisa!