Monday, March 3, 2008

Hot... or is it Cold?

We are still recovering from our visit last week around here. I've packed today so full, that I think when I hit my pillow tonight I will fall right asleep. I really shouldn't even be blogging, but I needed a small break, so while I'm guzzling water I decided to check in.

The weather here is crazy. Not in a bad way, like I know a lot of you are experiencing, but just in a strange way. It is climbing into the 80's in the daytime, and then at night it drops to around 50 or so. When I put Fritter to bed at night, it's still hot in the house, so I lay him down in just a onesie, but at night it gets so chilly that our heater is coming on, and he is under dressed. I'm not complaining though. My dh was talking to my brother-in-law last night in Oklahoma City, and they were in the middle of a tornado. Everyone is ok, I don't think it got too close, but yikes!

Anyway, tomorrow will be a little slower around here, and I plan on giving you something with a little more substance to it (I hope!).

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