Saturday, February 23, 2008

Order! Order!

First order of business: For all of you who didn't read the comments in the last post. My dear friend Kate left this link for beginning to teach the little ones of the family. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but if Kate liked it, I'm sure it's a good one. ;-)

Second order: Fritter had a follow-up appointment yesterday for his RSV. He was pretty much the same; lots of coughing, lots of mucus. Although his ear is healing up, thank goodness. The NP decided to try a breathing treatment on him, because she said that it can help RSV patients get better quicker. He didn't like it, but after about 5 minutes of it, he calmed down and relented. Afterwards, the nurse (who is great, by the way) listened to his breathing and said it kind of made him wheeze which was actually a good thing. (?) So she ordered a machine to be delivered to our house and told me to use it a couple of times a day over the weekend to see if it would help. We got it last night around 7ish, and tried it again, and this time Fritter decided he like chewing on the end of the tube, which was fine with me, because he was breathing in the mist. This morning, he is coughing less, and his nose is not as icky. I'm hoping he will be better soon!

Third order: My mom is coming into town today from Wyoming to visit for the week. She is very afraid to fly, so please say a little prayer for her. She is not Catholic, or religious at all, but she has decided to attend Mass with us on Sunday. It's a good start, I think, so more prayers would be greatly appreciated. I'm not going to push anything, that would just make her uncomfortable and push her away. I'm hoping our example will speak louder than words ever could.

So if I'm quiet this week, you know why, although I will keep you posted on how Fritter is doing. Have a great week!

PS - Spell checker is working again, so you won't have to endure my horrible spelling! Yay!


Cheryl said...

I hope Fritter is better soon, and that you enjoy your time with your mom.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for dear little Fritter, and your mom! That is so awesome that she is going to attend Mass with you!!! Your attitude about "example speaks louder than words" is so right! Way to go! I also wanted to tell you that I finally recieved "Mommy Teach Me" and "Mommy Teach Me To Read". I started the former one today and all I can say is "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I wish I could have heard about these books sooner, as they are fabulous!!!!!!!! I want to give them to every mother I know! So, dear friend, I am strongly encouraging you to order them ASAP;) You will love them, I promise! They are very down to earth, and yet soooooo inspiring. (As you've probably noticed,I just can't stop gushing!) I can hardly wait to see what you think.........

Much love,

Ps. Did I mention that Dr.William and and Martha Sears (co-authors of "The Birth Book") highly reccomend it? -Alright, alright, I'll stop now;)