Monday, January 21, 2008


I have not been feeling well lately. Last Wednesday evening I went to bed with a sore throat, and it hasn't left since. I've also been feeling very run down, and not really wanting to do much of anything but lay on the couch and read. Or play Final Fantasy. Yep, the original for Nintendo. I've never beaten it, but I found this nifty site where I was able to find a walk-through of the game. Very cool. I've been off and on playing this game since I got it when I was, what, 12? Not the same game obviously. I would get stuck, we'd move and it would go in storage, and then I would start all over again. This time, I'm gonna beat it.

Anyway, back to me feeling icky. I've been feeling icky. Run down, tired, icky. Today, I had to force myself to get stuff done, and I really did get quite a bit done. I made a trip to Walmart for groceries, and then to Sam's for more groceries. I vacuumed, dusted the living room, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the toilets, made the beds, cooked dinner, cleaned the get the idea. I must say, the one thing that helps me stay motivated (besides thinking of a trashed house) is my iPod. I am subscribed to quite a few podcasts, and I am addicted. They really make folding laundry not feel like such a chore. ;-) Here is a list of the podcasts I am currently subscribed to:

Catholic Answers
Catholic Connection
Catholic in a Small Town
Chant Cast
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Family Minute with Dr. Ray
Rosary Army Catholic Podcast
St. Irenaeus Ministries
The Saint Cast

My favorites are Catholic Connection (we don't have catholic radio here, so I settle for catholic podcasts of radio shows), Catholic in a Small Town, and Rosary Army. Catholic Answers is a good one though, as they answer question from everyone, catholic or not, about the catholic faith. Chant Cast is a newer one, but I am liking it. It's a short show, about 10 minutes, and the host (can't remember the name off the top of my head) introduces some of the more common Gregorian chants so we can learn them and maybe take that knowledge to Mass with us. The current ones are the Sanctus, Regina Caeli, and Mortem Tuam. You can also go to the website and print off copies of the chants with their music.

That's all I have for now. Maybe soon I will post a review of Freefall. Very good book.

Have a blessed evening!

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