Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I usually don't get too much into the New Year's Resolution thing, mostly because I don't think about it until after January 1, and then I feel like I'm too late and then I still put it off, and then...

So, I'm a little late, but it IS still January, so here are my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Make will - Nope, haven't done this yet, mostly because we are not really sure who we want to ask to take Fritter if anything were to happen to us. BUT, we really need to get this done, and not put it off. Done, it just needs signed and notarized.

2. Make daily mass once a week - Ideally, I'd like to go everyday, but I'm not good at starting new habits, so once a week is a good start. And easy to do. Ummm...See 2010 Resolutions

3. Print and put pictures in albums - Ugg. Done, mostly because I've given up the idea of albums

4. Grow in virtue - Easy to say, hard to do. Right now, I'm working on Trust. I have grown in patience, but that doesn't mean I'm a patient person yet. The trust thing is something I'm really still working on. This goal was a little too...fluffy to quantify.

5. Grow in faith - Intertwined with virtue and daily mass. Again, too fluffy to quantify.

The next goals are my personal financial goals (for six months), and I had DH make a list of his personal financial goals, and we combined them into one family set of goals. This list is just MY goals.

1. Pay off credit card - Ugg. Done, woo-hoo!

2. Replace one piece of furniture (my hope, the recliner) Yep, recliner got replaced.

3. Visit SIL in Georgia in March No, didn't do this one, but she came and saw us January 2009 for Ladybug's baptism.

4. Visit Wyoming beginning of July Yep, great trip.

5. Begin saving for a house Done. We're living in it. ;-)

6. 10% income to charity - 5% to church, 5% to other We've been really bad about being consistent with this, so we included it in our budget so we would do it. We are taking 10% right off the top of each bi-weekly paycheck. sigh.

7. Subscription to Magnificat Yes, but I'm thinking of letting it lapse. Why did I see this as so important?

8. Reduce phone costs - We each have a cell phone, and we also have a land line. I'd like to keep the land-line and one cell, and then maybe get a prepaid cell or something. Not sure quite what to do here, but with an $87 cell phone bill every month on top of a $35 land-line bill, it's a little out of hand. My husband is talking about Vonage, but we haven't really done our research. Any ideas? How do you handle the phone issue? We lowered the cell phone bill by switching companies, and kept the landline only because we called to cancel and they lowered the bill for us for a year. ;-)

Updated December 18, 2009 in blue.

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