Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Desk

Nina asked to see a picture of our desks; messy, neat, or otherwise. Well, mine is definitely on the messy side, but here goes.

You guessed it, stacks and stacks of books. Many of which are just coming in from the wonderful Barnes and Noble gift card I received for Christmas (thanks Mom!). Sorting out the books, we have in the pile to the far right of the picture:

What to Expect the First Year

The Saggy Baggy Elephant

Catechism of the Catholic Church (Wow, this book is everywhere in my house!)

Redeeming Love - Francine Rivers (New)

Pride and Prejudice

Mother's Rule of Life (New)

On top of this stack of books is this weeks AND last weeks church bulletin, my calculator, and a piece of paper from Adoremus Books. To the left of the stack is a bill.

Next to the computer screen is a Celestial Seasonings Natural Cider tin that now contains change. The blue thing next to that is a desk caddy that is supposed to help keep me organized, but it is not doing its job (or is that me?). Behind the computer speaker is a mug that holds pens, and between that and the printer are all of our bills. Now for the stack of books in front of the printer.

On top we have Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime - Dr. Ray Guarendi (New)

Reasons To Believe - Scott Hahn (New)

The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey (New)

Life-Giving Love - Kimberly Hahn

Mark of the Lion Series - Francine Rivers

Funny story of both the Mark of the Lion Series books and the Redeeming Love books by Francine Rivers. Over Christmas at my MIL house, we had been talking about Christian authors, and I happened to mention how I had read The Last Sin-Eater. She got very excited and told my that Francine Rivers is one of her favorite authors. When we got home after Christmas, she called to tell me she had order the above books for herself, but she wanted me to read them first. Fun, huh?

Ok, moving on, the stack on top of the printer has my voters registration and a pile of bills below that. Below the books is last years calendar, a new 2008 calendar, and stacks of papers that need to be filed. As for the books we have:

The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands - Dr. Laura Schlessinger

You're a Better Parent Than You Think! - Dr. Ray Guarendi

The Strong-Willed Child - Dobson

Prayerfully Expecting - Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

A borrowed copy that is getting returned now that I have my own Life Giving Love

And finally, my husbands Machinery's Handbook that he got for Christmas

In front of the printer are our Church Offering Envelopes, two CD's What I Wanted To Say - Marie Bellet, and The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole. Below that is another calculator, the bedroom TV remote, a pair of socks (how did those get there?), and a copy of Consumer Reports.

On the wall by the computer screen is a prayer card of St. Michael Archangel, above that is a new 2008 calendar, and next to that (out of screen) is a perpetual calendar.

There you have it. A glimpse into my disorderly life. Now, I am motivated to clean up this mess. Where did I put my iPod?...

*Edited to add: After this humiliating post, I cleaned up the mess, but I'm a little to lazy to post a picture of after. I'm sure you can use your imagination though ;) *


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

That's my kind of desk! Tons of books! Which one are you going to start with?

Cmerie said...

Not shown are the current books I'm reading (one was a Christmas gift, and the other is one more I ordered) Mom to Mom, Day to Day - Danielle Bean, and Freefall - Kristen Heitzmann. After that, I am going to start on the first book of the Mark of the Lion Series, so I can get those off to my MIL.

Cheryl said...

I used to belong to a book club at my parish (when I had more free time). I got rid of all of the books I purchased for it except for Redeeming Love. For some reason, I couldn't part with it. I must want to read it again someday. I liked it very much.

Cmerie said...

Now I'm really getting excited to read it. I have so much to read right now that any spare moment I have is being designated as reading time. My new mantra during the day is "gotta read, gotta read,..."