Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Have Days

I have days where I really would be better off crawling back into bed and pretending the morning never happened.

I have days where just about everything I say comes out wrong and ends up offending someone I love.

I have days where it's hard to remember to offer up all my struggles instead of complain about them and feel sorry for myself.

Today is one of those days, on the Epiphany of the Lord no less, where I'd like to wake up once more and start my day all over again. It's days like today where I have to remind myself over and over again that God is there for me and just waiting for me to call out to him so he can reach down, pick me up, dust me off, and turn me in the right direction. And he really will. Because he loves me, in all my imperfection and undeserving self.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

I find that the very best thing about a very bad day (I had one on Thursday) is that next day is always better.

How could it not be? :)

Can your husband go get a movie for this evening? Can you run to Barnes & Noble for some mom-time? It's Sunday. The picking-up and the putting-away will be there tomorrow.

Cmerie said...

Thank you Margaret. I read you're comment at about 8 this evening after a really hard day (mostly due to myself). I sent my DH to the video store and he came home with Polar Express. I've been wanting to see it, as I never have before. It's now 10:30 pm, and I feel MUCH better.

You're right, tomorrow is another day, and another chance for it to be a good one.

Now, I am going to snuggle up close to my wonderful, kind, patient DH and fall asleep in his arms. The very best place to be.

Cheryl said...

I can identify with your day. I have them too.