Thursday, January 10, 2008

Five Whole Minutes

After yesterday's much needed nap and then cleaning rush, I had quite a lot to do today to catch up. And then while I was at it, I did even more. So far, on top of the normal things, I have dusted the living room, dusted Fritters room and changed his sheets, dusted the dining room, and cleaned the top of the ceiling fan (yuck!).

Anyway, I am banned from the computer after this post for the rest of the day. My dear husband is taking data from our meter both today and tomorrow to see how much electricity our home uses. Today is supposed to be a normal day without the computer, and tomorrow a normal day with the computer. Hey, he's an engineer, and efficiency is what they're best at (and reducing that pesky power bill). I begged to have five minutes today though so I could check my email and check in here. What can I say? He loves me and gave me my five minutes. ;)

So long, I will check in tomorrow after my carpets get shampooed!!

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