Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yesterday I made the Russian tea cakes. Yum!! Another of Danielle's recipes has proven to be! So here is the recipe. No hints for you on this one. It's self-explanatory, and SO easy. (An extra bonus, right?)

As the title of this post states, this is a hodgepodge of things I've been wanting to write about. First, about a week ago, I was doing some clothes shopping, and after going to Savers, decided that I still needed some things that are better bought new, if you know what I mean. So I went to Target, and thought I would be able to also get some other things that have been cluttering up my to-do list. Christmas cards were at the top of this list. I was in a rush when I finally got to that end of the store (Fritter had had ENOUGH of shopping), so I asked a lady where I could find their Christmas cards. She pointed me in the direction.

There were no Christmas cards at Target. Oh sure, they had Santa cards, they had Reindeer doing things they shouldn't be, and they had one set of cards that had a cartoony angel blowing a trumpet, but NO CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! Grrr! I know most stores really don't have an agenda, they just really don't want to offend people, and they want to make money. Is it offensive to have a package (even if it's just one) of Christmas cards? I mean real ones. Again, Grrrr!!!

The other thing I wanted to post about was this. While watching news this morning, there was a commercial for Oreck vacuums. They are having a sale, I guess, and to advertise, they had Santa stand next to the Oreck guy. All fine. But at the end of the commercial Santa says, "Ho, ho, ho, Happy Holidays!" What?! Since when does Old Saint Nick wish people Happy Holidays? This is Santa we're talking about right? You know, the guy that delivers presents to all the good boys and girls on CHRISTMAS EVE?! Grrr again.

That's all for now, I have lots to do. We are leaving for Wyoming Friday afternoon, and there is still some baking left and much cleaning to do. I also still have to pick up DH's gift and another for Fritter and my two nephews that will be joining us for Christmas Day. Other than that, all shopping is done. Thank you EBATES!


love2learnmom said...

Just so you know, I have often found religious cards at Target. I think your experience may be a fluke. After the big boycott a few years ago, in fact, I bought loads of religious cards at 90% off. It may have caused there to be a smaller selection in recent years.

Cmerie said...

Thank you for sharing that. I'm not usually one to look for reasons to rant about what stores do. But it really got under my skin not finding one set of Christmas cards. I hope it is just a fluke. I do know that they do not have a problem saying Merry Christmas, for whatever that is worth (they have two signs up as you are approaching check-out, one reads "Happy Holidays" and the other "Merry Christmas").