Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am SO tired! After DH leaves for work, if I don't get right down to the business of the day, (meaning that I don't sit on the couch and say prayers and drink coffee, it MUST be done somewhere uncomfortable) I will fall asleep, and won't wake back up sometimes until 8:30! Then, like today, I laid down after putting Fritter down for his nap, and I could have...actually I did...sleep longer than him! I woke up to him quietly playing in his crib.

It's not just today, it's been like this for about a week or so. Now, barely having time for this post, I must run around and get the house picked up really quick before DH gets home. No, I did not do it this morning. I had training for the class I am facilitating. *Yawn*. OK, no laying down *Yawn* must *Yawn* get *Yawn* to work....*Yawn*

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