Friday, November 30, 2007

Snuggle time

Fritter is a full-fledged walker now. I've tried to catch him on the camera though, but he sees the camera, and since he's still much faster at crawling, he plops down and crawls after me to reach it. But I know that he walks, so I guess that's what counts.

He has been doing very well with the whole weaning thing. No night waking (yea!), but during the day he has become very clingy. I suppose that's normal, but for him it's strange...nice, but strange. You see, he has never really been a very snuggly child. Even slowing him down enough to nurse was sometimes difficult. We've never been able to have him in our bed (except when he was maybe a week old and still a sleepy newborn), and hugs were virtually non-existent.

Of course, I believe that he still needed hugs and kisses and snuggles even when he didn't want them ;-). But since he has weaned, he can't get enough of me. Where he used to sit at my feet and play independently, he is now crawling up my leg, wanting to be held. It's fine with me. It's a nice change. I will gladly stop whatever I'm doing for some snuggling with my little man. It's fun when he reaches up to me like he's saying, "Mommy hold me, I need you". I need you too, baby.

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