Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Presentation of the Virgin Mary

So I know that I've missed a few saints. I want to learn about them as well, but I figured I should post on this great Feast first.

Catholic Culture sites Protoevangel of St. James for some of this information. When an angel revealed her pregnancy to her, St. Anne is said to have vowed her future child, Mary, to the Lord. After her birth, Mary was brought to the sacred precincts. Only the best of Israel's daughters were admitted here. At 3 she was transferred to the temple, where she was "reared like a dove and received her nourishment from the hands of an angel".

While Catholic Culture lists many things we could do today to celebrate this feast, I think I am going to learn more about Mary in the Byzantine Liturgy.

Photo Credit: Catholic Culture

More to come today on the saints I have missed, and if time allows, a big post I have been thinking on for a while.

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