Friday, November 9, 2007

Pictures will be...

forthcoming. Probably tomorrow. Here's why:

Yesterday, Fritter woke up from his morning nap at noon. When I went in to get him, he felt very warm, so I took his temperature. Under arm it was 99! (You add a degree when it's underarm, so his body temperature was 100. I will speak in terms of underarm temperature.) I gave him some baby Tylenol, but at 1pm his temperature was 100. I continued to monitor him, and gave him Tylenol every 4 hours. I tried a cool bath, a cool compress, turned the air conditioner up, everything. Nothing seemed to work, and by 2pm he was at 101. Also, he refused to eat or drink anything, except to nurse. Did I mention he was stuffy?

I called the doctor, and after much hassle, (because no one lets you just talk to a doctor anymore, you have to leave a message for a nurse to call you back) I was told to just keep an eye on him. But, by 9pm his temperature had gone up to 102. My son is rarely sick, and this was his first time ever having a temperature this high. Suffice it to say I was very, very nervous. I called the doctor again, and this time the nurse called me right back. She told me to try some Motrin, and if that still didn't work, I would need to take him in tonight. So my dear husband went to the store and after giving Fritter a dose, we put him to bed. He really had a rough time sleeping, but when I checked on him at midnight, his fever had finally broke, and his temperature was normal. Thanks be to God!

So, back to Fritter's birthday celebration. There wasn't much of one. I made a very cute cake (at least I think so) and "he" opened some of his gifts. He tried to eat some of the cake, and did a very good job of making a mess (I think that's the point). He also had his first taste of ice cream, but it wasn't a very fun birthday for him. He seems to be feeling better today though, so I think we will try again this evening.

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