Thursday, November 15, 2007

Needles and Tests

So today was Fritter's Well-Baby check-up. His ears are all better (thanks be to God). He did not get any vaccines today (I'll post about this another day when I have more time), but he did have to get blood drawn. *Sniff* The NP who was seeing him today, decided that he looked a little orangey and asked me if he has been eating a bunch of sweet potatoes or carrots. He eats them, but not everyday, and definitely not by the bucketful. So she wanted to check his bilirubin levels and carotene levels. I know that he is probably fine, it's not like he's jaundice orange or anything, I think he just has the same coloring as his dad. Just like some people (myself included) have more green (or olive) skin tones, DH and Fritter both have more orangey undertones.

But, of course I took him to do the tests, because if it IS something, it needs to be taken care of. Here I am, walking into the lab, expecting them to do a heel-poke like they did when he was a newborn. They called our names, and we went back to this little room, with a chair that looks like a prison electric chair. We had to sit in the chair, I had to put his little feet between my legs, and then hold one arm under my arms like I'm giving him a big bear hug. Then two nurses held his other arm and put a TOURNIQUET on his little tiny arm, found his vein, and drew his blood! I expected him to scream. He didn't. Worse, he cried in this little cry that is reserved for when he is scared. Afterwards, he was fine, actually he got over it rather quickly. It was much worse for me than for him. *Sigh*

Anyway, we are supposed to get the results back tomorrow, but I'm fairly confident he's fine.

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