Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Multi-Cultural Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. How about you?

I used Michelle's idea and made a spinach dip with sliced pumpernickel, and then just bought a meat and cheese tray. The dip was great, and really, who can resist pepperoni and Colby cheese on a cracker?

The couple whose house we were invited to are from Honduras, but have lived in the U.S. for a while, and our area for about three years. Her mother and step-father were also there (the mother was the one doing the cooking, yum!). Another couple from Mexico (this is their first year here) and an American couple were there and then our little family. What an interesting group of people! What a great Thanksgiving!

There happened to be quite a few kids there for Fritter to play with, including an adorable 2 1/2 year old who loved to hug and kiss Fritter. The dinner was mostly traditional fare, with a little kick. The stuffing was made with hot Italian sausage (yum), the gravy had sliced mushrooms in it (yum, and I don't normally like mushrooms), and instead of pumpkin pie there was pumpkin flan (yum). I have to say, though, pumpkin pie is one of the things I look forward to most, but we just bought a store one and made it at home for ourselves.

I was also really surprised at how well Fritter did. He is a stickler for his routine, and if he is thrown out of it, he tends to get pretty fussy. We tend to plan around his nap times, but I'm sure you know that that is not always possible. We were supposed to be there at around 2, and dinner was at 3:30. Fritter's nap is usually around 2 until 4. So I was a little nervous about how fussy he would be, but he did fine. We brought his porta-crib, and set it up in their bedroom, and at about 4 I laid him down for a little while, because he was really tired. I didn't really expect him to go to sleep, but he did for about an hour. Maybe it was the turkey, or maybe he is just growing up a little bit. Whatever it was, that little bit of time for me to just sit around and talk with adults was really nice.

Anyway, it was a good Thanksgiving, even though we were away from our families.

On another note, yesterday, we put up our Christmas tree. We bought a fake one for several reasons. First, although we have been married for just over two years, we have never had a tree and I insisted this year. Last year, we still lived in student housing on campus, and putting something else in a 400 sq. ft. apartment was not wise, especially something flammable. Second, we will be going home for a week and a half for Christmas, and don't want to worry about a dying tree in our apartment. This way, we can still leave it up until Epiphany.

We also moved our desk into our bedroom. Originally it was in our dining area, by our table, and we had to squeeze to get in. The problem with apartments is that there is not a whole lot of ways to put furniture. Also, keeping Fritter out from under the desk was becoming a hassle. With all the wires and things it was a bit of a nightmare. So now it is in our bedroom and we can close the door to keep him out of the desk. The only problem is that when you are in here, you tend to feel a little secluded from the rest of the family. This could be a good thing though, because in the family areas, the focus will be more on the family and not on the rest of the world.

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