Saturday, November 3, 2007

Little Boy Needs Prayers

Today I was supposed to go to a class so I can be officially volunteering for a class I am teaching at our parish. It is the Call to Protect for Ministries. I have been trying to make it to this class for a month now, but our schedules have been so crazy that I haven't had the chance. Well, I signed up last week for it for today thinking I should have no problem. First, DH had a class he had to go to this morning, and I didn't realize that until a couple of days ago. Still, his class met from 7-8:30 and mine met from 9:30-12:30, so counting driving time I should have been able to make it.

On my way to the class this morning, traffic started getting a little bit backed up, but I could tell that I was towards the beginning of whatever it was the started the back-up, so I figured I would be out of it soon. As I drove past what looked to be a wreck, I saw a small figure laying in the middle of the road. I realized it was a little boy about 12 years old! Because the police were not yet there, I pulled over, and as I walked to the scene, I called 911. One man had gotten there right before me, and thankfully seemed to know what he was doing. He checked the little boys pulse and his breathing, and was talking to him, but the little boy was completely unconscious, and was not talking back. His pulse and breathing were both strong though, Thanks be to God!

The ambulance and police pulled up right about that time and carted him away to the hospital. But no one knew where the little boy's parents were. Apparently, he had been crossing the very busy road with some of his friends when he was hit by a car. Now, this particular roads speed limit happens to be 45, with most drivers going quite a bit faster. They (the boys) had crossed the road when the light was red to them when he was hit. His friends ran away, hopefully to go get his parents, but I don't know that for sure.

Needless to say, I did not make it to class and will just have to find another maybe next weekend. Please keep this little boy in your prayers, and also his parents and the girl who was driving the car (who happened to be a teenager).

Sorry this is written so straight forward and factual. I am still sorting it out in my head and the facts are the only things that seem real right now.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry you had to go through that. It is very hard to see someone so helpless. But as you know, God puts us into situations like those for a reason. To make us stronger, wiser, more aware of what we have, and to bring faith and love into another person's life. Do what you can to move on but never forget...Love you cuz!