Friday, November 2, 2007

Just a Good Mass

Last evening we went to mass at the same church where we experience our first Tridentine Mass. This was an English Mass, which was good, because we have decided to stick with our English Mass that we are attached to,and then go to the Tridentine Mass once a month or so. What we have been wanting is for whichever Mass we go to to be reverent. I don't want to go where there is a rock band playing in front of the Tabernacle. So we decided to try out this church's English Mass. Logic told us that if they did a Tridentine Mass, their other Masses would be reverent as well. We were right. This Mass had everything we wanted. Traditional hymns with a real organ playing up in the choir loft along with the choir singing up in the loft. The pews were all facing forward, pulling our attention to the altar. The priest was reverent, and he told a great homily with just a small amount of humor to lock your attention while keeping it full of meaning and insight. And during the closing hymn, only a couple of people left before it was over. Overall, it was a very good Mass.

Funny story though, when we first sat down, Fritter looked behind us where there were sitting a couple of kids. He squealed at them!! Loudly! For much of the Mass he kept wanting to look behind us and "talk" to the kids. DH and I were doing our best to keep him quiet and facing forward, and though it was a trail, we were pretty successful. But I'm sure you know how it is. You feel like everyone behind is staring at you and your son. This is how we felt, when, during the Sign of Peace, the nice lady behind us said, "Your little boy is so darling! I just love watching him." Yep, she did. Good Mass.

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