Monday, November 5, 2007

I don't have a whole lot to say...

except that I am sick. After pushing myself to the limit for the past couple of days, I've had it. Or, at least my immune system has. Yesterday, I was exhausted all day, and in between naps caught here and there, I mildly wondered why. DUH! I've been staying up late to finish Anne of the Island, and getting up very early (4 am today) to make sure DH gets a good breakfast and some company before he goes off to the daily grind.

I awoke this morning with a sore throat, and again have been exhausted all day. DH is out of town on business until tomorrow morning, and I finished my book yesterday. No excuses. I am going to bed early. I even put Fritter to bed early, and so far all seems good. Now for some yummy tea with honey in it, and then I am curling up on the couch to work a little on my cross-stitching, and wait for my Hubby to call. And then it's off to bed with me.

Have a blessed evening!

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