Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Because that's why I'm here.

So, at first I was a little perturbed. And then I was hurt. Now, I realize that it is good for my humility, and reminds me of the whole reason I started blogging in the first place.

What is going on, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. First of all, I feel Margaret's pain when she talks about not getting any comments on her blog. I don't either. But that's OK, because this is a new blog, and I don't have many readers yet. Really good discussions require a few people. So, I'm OK with that.

But for the past couple of days, when I check Google Analytics, it has been saying that I have not had one, no not one, visitor for THREE days!! Yesterday, I was a little hurt, and wondered if I may have offended someone by something I wrote. But then I thought, what could have possibly offended someone? Then I thought, maybe my readers were bored by me posting Feast Days and Saints.

Today, after yet again checking and realizing that there is still not a reader (things were going so good too) I got humble. I remembered that this blog was started for me. For me to sort out my thoughts, for me to learn. Learn about the saints, about me and ways to counteract my sometimes selfish thoughts. If no one wants to read about these things, that's OK. And if someone does want to read about these things, that's OK too. It's probably good that I got this reminder so early in the game. For a prideful person, humility it's a hard won virtue. So thank you for reminding and teaching me. Because that's why I'm here.


love2learnmom said...

It might also be (as is the case for me) that people are reading your blog via Google Reader or Bloglines and those don't always show up in the stats.

I do admit to skimming sometimes as I follow a LOT of blogs! :)

Cmerie said...

Thank you for your comment!! Being new to this blog stuff, I didn't know about Google Reader. Good stuff! I read a lot of blogs too, but I've always had to visit each blog everyday, whether something has been posted or not. Now I can actually only read new stuff.

After reading your comment, I did some research (just a little) and found out about Feed Burner. I think from there you can see if you have subscribers. What can I say? I'm something of a statistics hound. (I do have a Math/Science degree ;-) )

Anyway, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I do not know where you guys find the time to do all this. Blogs are somewhat of a mystery to me...i read some as i link from one to another.There are so many....we are parents of 10 expecting 11 in july...(so many blessings!!!) so we don`t seem to have much time to respond even if we have a chance to read.

Cmerie said...

Congrats on your future little bundle!! I have to admit that when I read a blog, I only comment if I feel really compelled. It takes some time for me to compose my thoughts and actually get them into words.

As for writing on my blog, I usually go about my day normally (I only have one at home, so far, so I probably have more time on my hands than most of the women that I read). When I am pondering something, or want to share something, I long on a type. The thing that takes the longest about blogging is formatting the blog, but once that's done it's pretty easy.

I add in reading blogs in the morning after my prayer time. The women I read are such an inspiration to me, especially since I just moved to this area and don't know a whole lot of people.

Anyway, I am honored that you do take some time to read here, even if there is no time to comment.

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Hello there! I'll have you know that I do have your site on my Google Reader so I may not always hop on to your actual blog. Keep going! You have wonderful things to share!

Happy Belated birthday to your cutie little Fritter! My daughter Emily(3) wants to buy the birthday cake you made. She loves ducks!
Lisa :)

Cmerie said...

Well, I'm not sure if she would want to buy it now, as it's half gone, but it was very easy to make. I'll post how I did it soon!

Michelle said...

I have you on bloglines. Give it time.