Sunday, October 14, 2007

Traditional Latin Mass Visited

As I said before, DH and I have been wanting to attend a Traditional Latin Mass. We found one in our area thanks to this website, and today we went.

I don't really have the words to say how awesome it was. All of the issues that we had had at any other place were non-existent here. No one leaving right after communion, the choir was in the loft where it should be, and the reverence; Oh! The reverence!

I must confess though, it was not what we expected. I thought that it was going to be mass like we are used to, only said in Latin. It's not. It's different. All of the things that make it a mass are present in both forms, but the Latin mass is really very different. We were lost for some of it, so after mass we went to the gift shop to get a Missal so that at home we can kind of study it a little bit and understand how things work, and also so in Mass, we can follow along.

The lady at the gift shop was very kind when I asked her if I had purchased the right Missal. (We did) She also said that they are having a hard time keeping them on the shelves! Thanks be to God!

As I was talking with the gift shop lady about the Mass, she mentioned to me that she was trying to get her husband to attend this mass with her. They have a chapel in their house (can you imagine?) where mass is said sometimes, (she mentioned they were working on building a monastery) and that one is in half Latin, half English.

And the families! There were children coming out of everybodies ears! Big vans were pulling up, and kids were just piling out of them! It was amazing. It really was neat to see a parish that is so alive and vibrant, and reverent. (Obviously, these seem to go hand-in-hand). We are definitely going back for more, and who knows, we may make this our home parish.

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