Saturday, October 13, 2007

State Fair and Baby Food

Today we went to the State Fair. It was nice to get out, and it was a gorgeous day, I'd say at the hottest, maybe upper 80's. Such a difference from 110+! Fritter got a new hat, but I didn't take any pictures. Sorry. The only picture I did take was at the rodeo, it was of DH and Fritter, but my DH doesn't want his picture on my blog. Totally understandable.

We rode on the Farris Wheel, which was nice, (even though I am deathly afraid of heights!). Fritter seemed to enjoy it until we went around by the tire that helps the ride move. It made a loud grrring sound, and scared him pretty bad. After a few times around, though, he calmed down. There was so much for him to look at. Isn't it fun to see your little ones see new things? It's like you see it for the first time.

On another note, I'm curious to know what you all do when you are transitioning your baby to table food. Do you just grind up whatever you're eating?Here is what Fritter is eating right now (he's just over 11 months):

7:30am Breakfast
1/4 cup Baby Oatmeal
2nd foods fruit mixed in cereal
Yobaby yogurt

12:00pm Lunch
1/4 cup Baby Rice Cereal
2nd foods fruit mixed in cereal
3rd foods veggie

4:30pm Snack
Graham Crackers or Cheerios

6:00pm Dinner
1/4 cup Baby Rice Cereal
2nd foods fruit mixed in cereal
3rd foods Dinner
maybe some juice

So I guess my question is, how do I change this so that he is eating more table food and less baby food. Is it too soon to make the change? If so, then when should I change and how do I do it? Any answers are appreciated.


Nicole said...

I stumbled upon your blog via Sara and your "40 Reasons" list-great list! I was waiting for someone else to help you with your question, but when I saw no one else was, I thought I'd just tell you what I do with mine. I generally don't give them jarred baby food, when they start showing interest in food (anywhere from 6-10 months) I mash up whatever it is we are eating, provided it's not too spicy or whatever. I have a manual baby food grinder which is good for this, just plop the food in and grind it up and it's ready to feed. So, I would think it would be ok at this point to start doing this for your little guy, just gradually replace some of the baby food with cut-up or mashed table food. I say gradually too because he's probably very used to the blandness of the baby food and the table food might be somewhat of a shock! I do like the yo-baby yogurts, it's the only full fat yogurt I can find (and they are tasty!) Good luck and God Bless!

Cmerie said...

Thank you Nicole! That helps a lot. I think that we are going to go out and get a baby food grinder.

The yo-baby yogurts are nice. Fritter likes the Cinnamon Apple Cereal ones best, (I do too, they smell so good!)