Sunday, October 14, 2007

Questions about Traditional Latin Mass

After being home for a little while and browsing through my Missal, I have a few questions. I realized that the Gospel we read in mass today (John 4:46-53) was different from the Gospel everyone at an English mass read (Luke 17:11-19). Why is that? In my Missal, it seems that the Gospels don't change from year to year. There is no Year A, B, and C. Am I wrong? And how do I know what the Gospel reading is for daily mass at a TLM? Am I missing it in my Missal? Is this something that was changed after Vatican II? If it was why was it, and now that more people are going to a TLM, are we all just going to be reading two different Gospels? Are there plans to somehow make sure we are all reading the same thing?

I'll probably come up with more questions before long. Maybe you have your own questions regarding the TLM. If so, feel free to post them here, and perhaps through discussion and research we will be enlightened about all of this. If you have any answers, I would also appreciate comments from you.

God bless!

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