Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall is here!!!

Yesterday it was a warm 95, and today...a chilly 85!! Windows are being opened, and the air conditioner is going off!! Who knows, we may even go OUTSIDE today! Can you tell I'm excited? While the rest of you have long since been enjoying your fall, we have still been in mid-to-upper 90's, so humor me.

On another note, I put Fritter in his costume last night, to make sure that it would fit. It did, perfectly and he loved it! He crawled around really fast in it, and when he saw himself in the mirror, he laughed and stood next to the mirror so he could admire himself. He really was very cute crawling around with a spiky green tail trailing after him. He even screeched like a dragon while he was crawling around. He is all boy.

Our Halloween plans are simple, dress up Fritter and hand out candy to other cute little ones. I used to be really big into dressing up myself for Halloween. I even went trick or treating (with little cousins of course) the last time at 18. Things are different now though. I am more and more realizing how secular things are, and how much I dislike that. This article takes it even further (language warning). So I think that for now we will dress up our little ones in cute little costumes, and celebrate Halloween at home with our family. I think I would really like to draw more attention to All Saints Day and All Souls Day, they are much more important holidays I think. I like Matilda's idea. We don't really have to place to do that yet, but eventually we will.

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