Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anne of Avonlea

So I just finished reading Anne of Avonlea last night. I have to say, that I absolutely love the Anne books! They are so real in the sense that the author doesn't just throw in some ickiness to make them more interesting. They are interesting because they are so true. Everything that happens in them is everyday stuff that happens in small communities. There is even a chapter title "Just a Happy Day". Even with this ordinariness about them, they are fun and keep you reading until the last page, and then you can't wait to get to the next book and gobble it up! For those of you who were lucky enough to read these books as children, you know what I mean. Books like these are the types of books that should be filling our shelves for our children to read. Why give them more violence and hate that they could get any day in our world. Instead give them these wholesome books. There are naughty characters who grow and thrive in a loving home. There are characters who imagine, Anne's kindreds. There are the plain characters that illuminate the fun all the more. If you have not read these books yet, you should, and then consider passing them on to your children. As a bonus, they don't carry any of the controversy some other books do.

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