Friday, October 12, 2007

40 reasons to have kids

As the rest of the blogging world has done, so I shall do also.

1. The smell of babies
2. Having your baby reach his arms up for you because he wants only you
3. My life would be pretty boring without my baby
4. The love my husband has for my son
5. The love my husband has for me that is renewed with our baby
6. Making babies is fun
7. Feeling your baby kick inside your womb
8. How excited your husband gets when the baby kicks him from your belly
9. The love you feel when you hold your child for the first time
10. Taking time out in you and your child's busy day to snuggle and nurse
11. The trust your child places in you
12. The never ending amount of cute face they make
13. Reading some stories you never read before, and revisiting old stories you love
14. The chance to raise a little person to love Christ
15. The chance to make the world a better place
16. Baby bellies
17. Baby toes
18. Baby waves
19. Slobbery kisses
20. Seeing your child interact with another for the first time
21. Picking out baby names
22. Wondering what your child will look like
23. Finding out your child looks nothing like you imagined
24. Stuffed animals
25. Seeing their face when they try a new food
26. Seeing their face when they don't like peas
27. Having an excuse to make cookies
28. The pride you feel when your baby takes his first steps
29. Baby claps
30. Having an excuse to go to the park on a nice day
31. Watching your baby sleep, because you will never see anything more peaceful
32. Knowing that your child is completely untainted by anything more than original sin
33. Watching them play and explore
34. Knowing that only you can comfort him
35. Being loved by someone so unconditionally
36. Having a purpose to your life
37. Baby clothes
38. Baby showers
39. Baby shoes that they never wear but are still really cute
40. Snuggly baby blankets

Hat tip to Sarah

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