Tuesday, March 6, 2018

From the Trenches

...and what a blessed trench it is!

First up is my silly Teddy...

A morning spent with horses.  The very best kind of morning.

 If you give two boys some chalk, they will need a bath to go with it.  At least it bought me some precious time to do a phonics lesson with Sunflower!
 He has sisters...
 My bookish girl.  Quiet time is everyone's favorite time.
I also had some deep thoughts while sweeping the other day.  Something about how sweeping the edges and corners could be a metaphor for cleaning out our souls.  It was a fitting meditation for Lent.  Cleaning out the dark, hidden corners to make a more suitable place for living.  But life soon takes over my deep thoughts.  And that's purifying and sweet all at once.

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