Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rainy Morning Chat

It's a cozy rainy day today.  We do not get many of those here in desert Arizona.  Sure, we get rain, but usually when it rains here, it dumps buckets from the sky.  But not today.  Today it's an on again off again cooling sort of rain.  So lovely.

Have I mentioned Searching For And Maintaining Peace here yet?  I know it's been mentioned in lots of other places before, but I just have to recommend it as well.  This book.  Is. So. Good.

From my reading today:

One must everywhere and in everything live peacefully.  If pain comes to us, whether internally or exteriorly, one must receive it peacefully.  If joy should come to us, one must receive it peacefully, without wincing because of it.  Must one run from evil?  It must be done peacefully, without being troubled, otherwise, in fleeing, we could fall and give the enemy the leisure to do us in.  If one must do good, one must do it peacefully, otherwise we will commit many faults in our eagerness.  Even in matters of penance, one must do it peacefully.  ~St. Francis de Sales as quoted in Searching For and Maintaining Peace

As I was reading that this morning, I thought of how much I could use this wisdom.  But for me, it would go more like this:

If the baby is crying and dinner is burned, accept it peacefully.  Soothe the baby and serve the dinner with a smile.  Make sure everyone has ice cream afterwards.  If your student is crying over a math problem, and another student is crying over phonics, and another wants you to hurry up so she can read you another story, and the preschooler is pulling out all the toilet paper, and the baby is trying to splash in the potty...take a big breath and tackle it all peacefully.  Um....I still don't even know what to do in this scenario, and a version of this happens almost everyday. 

Oh, well, work in progress, right?

Moving on.  School has gone well, we are well into week six and I don't want to quit yet, so that's saying something.  Actually, I've made a few adjustments this year, and more than getting through, we might actually be thriving.  We are implementing Morning Time from Teaching From Rest which has been absolutely lovely.  And now that I have a fourth grader, I realize how many fun things we get to learn about, and just how much Fritter can do on his own now.  It is September, which has never been an easy month for me, so we'll see how it goes, but so far, so good.

Ah, September.  My least favorite month.  Here in Arizona it's still SO hot (except today!) with no sign of letting up until October.  Yet the stores still persist in putting out fall decorations.  I must live in a dream world this month!  Don't they understand?  If I pretend it's still July, I can deal with the heat.  But the thought of fall makes me want to be cozy, and there is nothing cozy about 105 degrees!  As the song goes, Wake Me Up When September Ends....

How about a random picture of a Rustic Sphinx Moth the kids found in the backyard?  Hello nature journals!  Science, check!

That's all for today.  Kids are awake, and I must get ready to be peaceful in the midst of chaos.  :)


Kate said...

:) So nice to read these little updates! I have been meaning to update my blog for weeks now, but just can't seem to make it happen! Maybe this week! I also have been meaning to e-mail you again........hope my response to your e-mail earlier this summer made it through to you. I was wondering about that a few weeks back, since I hadn't heard anything from you in awhile. I just can't believe how busy things are and how fast the time it flying!

God bless you all!


Ps. Love Dan's water park!!!!! What a great dad! :)

Cmerie said...

Hi Kate! Yes, I got your email. I'm just slow to respond nowadays. But I just wrote you back, belatedly!

Thank you! We had quite a bit of fun building it.