Wednesday, October 30, 2013


On Raising Saints:

Did heroism go out of fashion when the New Look of the twentieth century came in?  G. K. Chesterton mourned in a poem the passing of those who delighted in honor from a world grown greedy and wise.

He would send the poor present-day idealists, born out of season, to Mary.  Let them hand the trophy of "the broken heart" and the tribute of "the unbroken word" in the house of her "who bore the Child that brought the Sword."

And what is the Sword but Truth?  Truth is the two-edged singing Sword, with the Archangel Michael's motto written on the blade: "Who is like unto God!"  And the hilt is scarred with the single, grim word: "Sacrifice!"

~"Mothers of Saints" by Sister Mariel, S.S.S. taken from the book Motherhood and Family from Integrity Magazine

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