Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scenes From Tuesday OR...

...You Made A Mess And Now You Have To Clean It Up

When last we spoke, we had a gaping hole in our backyard where our swimming pool once was.  That was Monday.  Monday, Monday.

Tuesday, being that it was Mardi Gras, we started the day off right.  Blueberry pancakes and sausage links.  I was informed by the resident boy child that he preferred sausage over pancakes, but that he would eat pancakes too.  Alrighty then.

 It wasn't long before our street was taken over by dump trucks and various other working vehicles.  I'm sure by this point our neighbors had a strong disliking for us.  Half of the street was covered with dirt.
 Soon after, to my great relief, the hole that was once a pool was being filled with dirt.  The work went so quickly at this point that by the time I got my camera out, much of the hole was already filled.

It didn't take long before it started to look like this.

 And then (after a burst sprinkler line and the loss of my telephone and internet service until just this morning) it was done.  The trucks were gone without even saying goodbye, and the kids were free to go outside and get dirty.

 This is basically what Fritter has been doing since Tuesday afternoon.  Well, this and running crazy circles all over where the pool used to be just because he could.
We still have a ton of work left to do.  Hopefully the new sprinkler system will be installed in the next couple of weekends, and then grass planted and hedges all along the back fence for privacy.  And then we might take a little break from backyard work to just enjoy it.  We'll see....  :)

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