Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love You So Much!

There's a lot of love going around our home right now.  When Ladybug wakes up in the morning, we are greeted with, "I love you so much!" Over and over, until we come and rescue her from her crib.  If I happen to be in another room and she is looking for me, she'll say, "Mama?  I love you so much?" Over and over, until she finds me.  I've taken to hiding from her just so I can hear her do it.

Driving anywhere, from the back of the van, her sweet little voice will pipe out, "I love you!" And when we return it with "I love you too!", she'll return with, "I love you so much!"

Fritter thinks this is the funniest thing.  Sometimes her "I love you so much" 's sound more like "I love you too much" 's.  So Fritter will mimic and say, "I love you" and when we respond, he'll say "I love you too much!"

Fritter also has rules about saying I love you.  To him it makes perfect sense that in the daytime we say "I love you" and at night we say "I love you too".  So if he says "I love you" and we say "I love you too", well we must just be mixed up parents because that is not the correct response.

This "I love you" business is getting to be complicated. 

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