Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card Photos

Yesterday we finally got around to taking pictures for our Christmas cards.  At least they'll make it out by Epiphany.

This is the first year we've taken our own Christmas pictures, and the results tended more towards the hilarious rather than the perfection I had imagined.  After about 50 tries, we found a couple that would work with a little red eye removal and cropping.

Fritter thought the whole process was the funnest thing he had experienced, and by the end was purposely shutting his eyes and trying to wiggle out of his daddy's arms. 

Ladybug is at that strange two year old stage where she is afraid of little things, all of a sudden.  Like the flash on the camera for instance.  She developed that fear at a birthday party we went to on Saturday.  I think yesterday may have cured her of that one, but for the first dozen pictures, it was a chore to get her to uncover her eyes and even look towards the camera.

So, for the first half of the pictures we have a fussing Ladybug, and the second half we have a goofy Fritter.  The practice shots are even more telling.  My dear husband calls my serious-not-really-doing-anything-regular-face, my mad face.  There are several pictures where that may or may not have snuck in.  There are also photos of a couple of people half in and half out of the pictures.  But there are some really cute ones of the kids individually as well.

After I unveil our picture on Christmas here, another day, I will show a few of the "mistakes".  But you have to promise you won't laugh.  Too much anyway.

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