Friday, December 10, 2010

Balance and Rewards

Things have been so busy lately that I have (by the advice of a good friend) been trying to pay more attention to the balance of my time.  This particular conversation was brought on by the admission to her that I completely redid my entire kitchen.  In one day.  In one four hour period.  In which I (being almost six months pregnant) did not sit down once.  Which meant at the end of the day I was more exhausted than usual, and more than just a little snappy with my family.

So as busy as I've been today at yet another project, I've also really tried to make time to sit and drink water, read with the kids, ect.  And the results have been apparent.

After lunch we sat down to read a few stories.  Halfway through the third book, Ladybug's head was heavy on my chest.  She was sound asleep.  After finishing the story, I sent Fritter off to get in his bed while I stole a few more minutes with my littlest angel before putting her in bed. 

It is definitely worth it to slow down a little and enjoy the fleeting sweetness of my children.

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