Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I've started exercising a little before my doctors go-ahead, but really, I had to. I'm going crazy with only one pair of pants to wear, and even those should really not leave the house. I only have a week before my 6 week appointment and the official approval anyway, so what's one week?

So this morning, I put on my old trusty workout video. It's Weight Watchers Getting Started, and though I've never done Weight Watchers, my aunt gave me this video and I love it. The moves are easy for a girl with two left feet, and it's really fun too. Anyway, I'm getting into the video, and Fritter comes over and begins to do it with me. He was standing a little in front of me, so while I was moving, I could watch him. So entertaining! On one part of the video, we are supposed to grab our hand-weights and hold them by our shoulders and do little plie's. Fritter grabbed a Duplo and bounced up and down, all the while concentrating really hard on keeping his "weight" by his shoulders.

When he would look back at me, I had to keep a straight face and only give him a small smile before forcing all my attention on the video. You see, Fritter is not shy at all, unless he's dancing. There have been several occasions where we would be dancing together and I would look too long at him, and he'd run and hug my leg. Cutie patootie.

Speaking of the length of a week, guess who turns 5 weeks tomorrow?

I can't believe it. I'm already seeing some of her personality. She seems to be much more laid back, and she definitely cries less than Fritter did. Then again, with both grandma's here and a doting father, she hasn't really had the chance. ;-)

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