Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Update

Has it really been a week since I last blogged? Am I beginning to sound like a broken record?

Saturday the 13th we celebrated my birthday. We had a Christmas party to go to that evening, so after looking through my closet I realized that this two-and-a-half-week postpartum mommy had nothing to wear. So we decided that since Mervyn's is going out of business and was sure to have great deals, and that Dh was in need of some new work clothes, we would all go and see what we could add to our wardrobe. I should have known better than to try on clothes this soon after having a baby. Can you say, "depressing"? I managed to find three shirts that I just couldn't pass up, but a skirt or even reasonably dressy pants? Nada. So I went next door to TJ Maxx, and after another depressing stint around the store, my wonderful dear husband found a skirt for me that actually fit (although I'm praying it doesn't for too long ;-) ). He's a keeper!

This past week was my first week home by myself. I was feeling adventurous and picked Monday as the day to take both babies out by myself to run some errands. I was hoping I could get everything done on my list within an hour-and-a-half and be home in time for lunch. That was plenty of time, I reasoned, to run to Hallmark and get Christmas cards, drop off paperwork for Ladybug's baptism at the parish office, and do a small amount of grocery shopping at Walmart. I was wrong. Between loading the toddler in and out of his carseat and stroller, to loading the baby in and out of her carseat and sling, it took me twice as long. I was so exhausted by the time I got home that I swore I'd never go out by myself with the kiddos again. ;-)

I mentioned before that Ladybug was a grunter, and Monday night proved to be a difficult one with this. My hubby told me to make her an appointment the next morning, because he felt something was not right. So I broke my promise to myself in less than 24 hours. I took both babies to the doctor's office. How fun! (Sorry, I couldn't resist a little sarcasm). Once in the room, Fritter took it upon himself to rearrange the chairs and stools in as many ways as he could imagine, as the poor doctor tried to explain to me what was happening with Ladybug.

Apparently she is having a hard time digesting my breast milk, so she is extremely gassy. Besides trying gas drops, and keeping her elevated, the doctor recommended that I eliminate all milk products and eggs from my diet. I tried this for a couple of days, and it didn't seem to help at all. In fact, because I get the majority of my "fatty" nutrition from milk products, my milk quality seemed to suffer and Ladybug wanted to nurse constantly. So last night, I decided the milk wasn't the problem. I did some light research and read that some newborn's digestive systems are just a little immature, and with a little time they will begin to digest properly. Until then, the extra burping, along with keeping her upright (including elevating the head of her crib) seems to be helping.

So there you have it. The update on what we've been doing. On Monday my mother comes into town. She will be here until Saturday, so that should be fun!

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