Monday, November 3, 2008

36 Weeks

I had my 36 week doctor appointment this morning. I need to remind myself that, while an appointment at 8:30 is manageable, an appointment at 8:15 is impossible. We were about 10 minutes late, mostly because I still haven't learned to add in the extra time it takes me and the toddler to get down three flights of stairs and across the apartment complex to get to the car. We are definitely not fast.

We did the Group B Strep test today, and then she checked to see if I was dilating yet. I'm 1 cm, but am not effaced at all yet (which is good, we're still a little early, no matter how eager I am to meet our new little one). My doctor wants me to go in for a third trimester ultrasound to check the size of the baby. Not that she's worried or anything, but because I will be having a VBAC she wants to be careful.

I'm fairly confident that I can deliver a baby normally. Fritter was a C-section baby for fetal distress and failure to progress after I got to the hospital at 7 cm. As I've mentioned before (I think) our doctor was more than a little surgery happy, which didn't help the situation. Fritter was not a big baby, only 7 lbs. 1 oz. so having a bigger baby should not be an issue. Actually, I haven't gained as much weight this time as I did with Fritter, and I'm carrying very differently, so we'll see. Anyway, she also gave me Mother's Cordial to help get my body ready for birth. This is what the handout says about the ingredients in it:

Partridge Berry: Strengthens the uterus for child birth and quiets nervous irritability.

Blue Cohosh: Used in labor to relieve false labor pains while increasing the strength of the contractions during actual labor. It also makes a good remedy for "after pains". It helps to facilitate a natural birth process when it is taken in the last month of pregnancy.

Cramp Bark: Helps tonify the uterus.

False Unicorn: Ovarian and uterine tonic. It helps to tonify and support the uterus during labor and childbirth.

I am supposed to take 1/2 tsp. 3 times per day. I think I'll be putting it in my pregnancy tea to disguise the taste of the tonic. It doesn't look that tasty. ;-)

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