Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nesting Much?

Hmmm...You think? Wednesday after my morning sabbatical, I got inspired to work on our bedroom and get a few things set up for the baby. I did this during Fritter's nap, when I usually nap as well, and regretted it for the rest of the day. I basically exhausted myself. I took it easy that night, and the next day I had my relaxation visit with Jen, my doula. She did some guided relaxation with me, and then gave me a short back and foot massage. I'll remember next time to not forgo the nap in the name of nesting. ;-)

So, here are a few pictures of what I have set up so far. No before pictures, sorry about that, but they were boring anyway.

My nursing spot. Complete with a journal, pen, spiritual reading, and a couple of reference books.
The bottom drawer is for a change of sheets and mattress pads, and extra blankets and swaddlers.
The top drawer is for nursing, burp cloths, a pump, pads, Lansinol, and hand gel.
The baby's bedding is already laid out and stored to keep it dust free.
Under the bed is a quilt for laying on the floor or bed with, and all the gender specific (all boy of course) clothing up to size 6 months. If we have a girl, these will easily go back in the garage, and then we'll need to purchase some. We have a lot of gender neutral clothes to get us through until then. I'm fairly certain in the garage, is another bag of clothes with a few girl outfits we got at Fritter's baby shower. I just need to find them.
And finally, a view of my side of the bed so you can see just how close we'll be.


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Looks like you're all ready! It looks nice and cozy!

AutumnRose said...

Oh, it's so exciting preparing for a new baby, isn't it :)
My daughter is expecting her first, and showed me all her little babygros and vests in her new chest of drawers the other day.
Found you via Jess, btw.
AR x