Thursday, October 30, 2008

Graced and Gifted

This has been on my to-do list for quite some time, and I'm just now getting to it. Oh, well.

I received Kimberly Hahn's book Graced and Gifted as part of the review program for the Catholic Company. I was excited when I read it, because I knew I was in for some great advice. I was not let down. Graced and Gifted has got to be one of the best homemaking resources I have. It's full of practical ideas for homemaking and also in living a faith-filled life. It's a study on the Proverbs 31 woman. Before, I looked to the woman from Proverbs 31 as an unattainable ideal, but Kimberly Hahn has broken down the ideas into practical wisdom that I can actually aspire to in my everyday life. Not only does she give her own ideas to make our time as homemakers more efficient and joyful, but throughout the book, she gives many other resources as well.

I had to promise myself when I first started reading this book that I wouldn't just jump in with a new project because I was excited about it. Instead, as I read, I kept a list of ideas and things I would like to implement, along with the other resources the book offered to help with the task. I was glad I did this, because I was able to go through, once I finished reading, and decide what was most important to implement first. I started with organizing, and worked on my bedroom and set-up for our new baby, and moved on to our desk and organizing our papers.

I then moved on to organizing housework by using an idea I got from Graced and Gifted using 3x5 note cards for each task. I won't go into detail about it here, but if you get the book it starts on page 115. This is a system that so far (for the last month) has worked for me, and instead of making endless lists that I'm unable to finish and moving everything to the next day, this system allows for those things that I don't get done. It's also one that is easy to restart once I've fallen away from it (as I'm sure to do, especially when the baby comes).

Besides housework, Kimberly Hahn provides wisdom on time management, feeding our families, being frugal women, and even gardening. At the end of each chapter, she provides a section on the sacraments, and how they relate to the life of a homemaker and the woman of Proverbs 31. I definitely recommend this book for any woman who takes her homemaking seriously.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Graced and Gifted - Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker's Heart.


Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

Great review - we are using this book in the homeschooling Bible Study I belong to.

Cmerie said...

Wow! That would be such a fun group bible study.

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

This sounds like the right kind of book for me. THanks for the review.