Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby's Crib

We finally decided that instead of buying a new bassinet, (even though it would take up less room in an already crowded apartment), using the vacant crib was a better idea. The problem we had, though, was that our bedroom was designed really strange. The door to come in is set in an angled wall, a very large window takes up another wall, and the door to the bathroom and closet take up yet another wall. So the only walls open to put a bed and dresser against are right across from each other. This doesn't leave much room to walk through the bedroom. We also keep our bookcase in our bedroom, which was against the same wall as our headboard. Keeping things the way it was only left room for the baby's crib right up against the window. Sorry, but no.

My dh suggested that since the closet is a walk-in, we could put the crib in there and turn it into a small nursery-like room. The problem there is that the ventilation is not very good, and how would we get to our clothes?

There was a small amount of room across from our bed, right next to the dresser, but the crib would have covered part of the door to get into the bathroom. I could just imagine us trying to go in there in the middle of the night and bumping loudly into the crib, waking the baby. I know now how important it is to for me that the baby sleeps, especially at night. ;-)

So, we eventually decided to move our bed over as far as we could while still allowing space to walk around it to get to the closet and bathroom. Then we moved the bookcase to the spot next to the dresser. We moved the nightstand from next to my side of the bed and put the crib in where the bookcase used to be. It's not perfect it covers a small part of the window, but the baby's head will just go the other way. I've thought about putting plastic over the window to really make sure it's sealed, but dh doesn't think it's necessary. The crib is a little too close to the bed, but it acts like a guard, so at least I won't be falling out of bed anytime soon! ;-)

Overall, I think it works for us right now. Eventually, we may move Fritter's room around and put the baby in there when he/she gets a little bit older. Hopefully we'll be in a house by April, though, so that may not happen.

Seeing the crib up in our room, really makes it real to me that soon we will have another little baby in our home. As nervous as I am about having two kids to take care of (can I really do it?) it's also soothing. It seems right. And I'm also very excited.

Today I'm sorting through Fritter's clothes to decide what fits and what doesn't, and see what we need for him. I know he's going to need some long-sleeved shirts (can you believe it got down to 45 last night?!), a pair of brown dress shoes, and some warm pj's. I need to decide on pants, ect. though. Tonight, dh is bringing up the baby clothes from the garage so I can sort and wash those and get them put away. I'll feel better once that is done.

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