Monday, October 13, 2008

Afternoon Napping Dream

I have to get this down, because if I don't I'm sure to forget it and it was really strange. A little background info. Fritter and I went shopping today for pants for him and my godson. We looked through rack after rack of clothes marked 2T, and passed many racks for other cutie pies.

To the dream:

Fritter and I went into a store that sold baby animals after looking through a bunch of different catalogs to see which stores were having sales. This particular store was set up like a Country Buffet, with several different heating tables, and sneeze guards to protect I'm not sure what, since all the animals were already behind glass.

Each table had several different stations, again like a buffet line, where a different animal was displayed. Above the animals were little tags reading the ages of the animals. 3-6 months Here! 1-2 years Here! The one I particularly remember was for kittens that read 1-2 years Here! Under the glass were several different kittens, but they all were immobile like they were stuffed. It was assumed that once you bought it, it would come to life.

One lady that was looking at the same heating table as me had a very large white sheep dog on a leash with her. When I say very large, I mean the biggest dog I've ever seen. It's head was as high as mine, and it was nice and chubby and fluffy like a sheep dog should be. This was a particularly loud, misbehaved dog and she was having trouble controlling him. Why she was looking at the cats in the first place, I don't know, and I think I must have been weirded out by that in the dream too, because I moved to a different heating table.

All of a sudden, her dog (on it's leash) ran around my heating table, dragging the lady behind him. The leash was one of those retractable ones, and spun across my throat, choking me. I remember yelling, "I can't breath!" several times before I was let free. My throat burned as bad as it did after the bratwurst incident. I was very angry, because I had a singing recital that evening (now you know I'm dreaming!). I took down her name and phone number and promised to sue, and Fritter and I left the store.

Isn't that a weird dream? I still keep getting the images of the immobile cats behind their signs.

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