Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Baby List

Things I need to either buy or do before the new baby comes.
  • decide if we want a bassinet or figure out where to put the crib
  • 3 bassinet sheets if we decide to go that way
  • newborn diapers
  • new infant carseat purchased and installed
  • write out Fritter's schedule for the sitter and pack bag
  • go through and wash newborn clothes
  • plan two weeks of easy meals and decide what I can do ahead of time
  • research and purchase a new sling
  • go through nursing bras and tops, decide what I need (if anything)
  • sew nursing cover
  • order humidifier filters and clean both
  • sort through paci's in case we decide to use them
  • gather parts and wash pump
  • decide about hospital bag, and pack
  • bottle of Dreft
  • go through swaddling blankets
  • make sure we have stuff for circumcision care in case it's a boy
  • tour hospital
  • plan hospital route


Michelle said...

If you go with a bassinet, instead of sheets, buy some king-sized pillow cases in a neutral color or one that matches YOUR sheets (look for ones on clearance). They stay on better and can be used for something else when the baby outgrows the bassinet.

Slings: for nursing babies, I recommend a ring sling like the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. For older babies (over 4 months), I like the Hotsling.

Cmerie said...

Thank you for your advice on this. The pillow cases are a great idea. We're still not sure if we'll set up the crib or buy a bassinet, but I'll feel better buying pillow cases that can be used for both sheets and covering pillows later instead of bassinet sheets that will start just taking up space once the baby moves into a crib.

I have an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder sling that we used with Fritter, but it was made for a much taller person than myself, and doesn't really fit on me right. I'm sure if I got one that fits me, I would like it better. I've never heard of the Hotsling. I'll have to look that one up.

God bless!