Friday, September 12, 2008

Hunger Pangs

They say never go to the grocery store when you are hungry. But what do you do when you get hungry just about every hour? Out of nowhere it'll hit me, and it's like if I don't eat something at that exact moment, I might end up chewing on my own fingers. :-)

Seriously though. Last Sunday, before Mass, I had a nice breakfast of oatmeal and toast. But during Mass, I suddenly felt faint and weak and broke out in a cold sweat. Why? Because I was hungry! Crazy, right? It also happened on Wednesday during my Familia class. I was sure everyone could hear my stomach growling.

Which takes me to today. I made sure I ate well this morning, and Fritter and I headed off to the grocery store. I had a small list this week and was sure I'd get out of there with a bill of under $65. No such luck. Halfway through the store, I wanted to open the boxes that sat so teasingly on the shelves and sit on the floor and have myself a picnic! I didn't, but I did end up buying too many things that were not on my list, and that are definitely not good for me. I even got one of those king size Snickers bars at the checkout for my drive home. No sharing with Fritter either!

Unfortunately, my grocery bill this week reflects all this. The grand total was $100.17. Considering I did get Fritter a $3 shirt, a $7 pair of shoes, and a $6 package of socks, and I got an $8 bin for our closet, that still brings my grocery total to $76! Hmm...could it have possibly been those oatmeal cream pies, or the box of processed macaroni and cheese, or even the box(es) of muffin mix I may never use? *sigh* I still have 2.5 months left of this pregnancy, and I can only imagine that I'll just get hungrier and hungrier. I'm going to have to start eating right before I walk into the store.

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Michelle said...

you need more protein: eggs, cheese, nuts.